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:But first I guess there are other things which should be made on this new wiki and your community seem to be not very big. If you have any questions do not hestiate to ask me. Just ping me on one of my talk page of any wiki including here. Or you can contact me via IRC in channel #wikipedia-de-bots or #pywikipediabot.
:The next thing I would clearify it a policy for using bots on this wiki. I've stopped its use for a while but this service is very important for this wiki as well as for other language sites to. And I cannot detain for a long time. May I offer some suggestions? I would do it on [[Wikipidia:Portal komunitas]]. Do you aggree? [[Pengguna:Xqt|Xqt]] 21:18, 20 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
:: I think you (Md. Farhan) would be a good administrator and a good bot owner. If you need support or something else please let me know. [[Pengguna:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 18:30, 30 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
== Bot policy ==
I proposed standard Bot policy [[Wikipidia:Portal komunitas|here]]. If you agree, you may confirm otherwise oppose this request and we need an other bot policy for this service [[Pengguna:Xqt|Xqt]] 22:26, 20 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)