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:You "''would like to improve''"... I don't think so ; bjn.Wikipedia was not ready to leave Incubator (keywords were translated not in Banjar, but in Indonesian, see [[User Talk:Budelberger|here]]) but it did : is it time "''to improve on MediaWiki for Banjar Wikipedia''" ?... Wp/bjn was approved by ''[[:meta:Language_committee/Status/wp/bjn|experts]]''... I think that you want, as many others, ''own'' your Wikipedia, your Private Wikipedia, where you may revert and delete others' edits, protect ''your'' articles (all bjn articles are ''yours''), and block other users, except a few friends ([ Amdf], who has a ''{{lang|de|Gaul}}'' in Wp/mrj ?... That's what you want ? to be the Banjar Amdf ?). Your first edit as Administrateur ? "protect" (that is : "block") "Main Page" and its [ templates]... --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 23:06, 31 Uktubir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]). (A good Wikipedia working well is a Wikipedia without any Administrateur.)
:: Handak ikam itu apa gerang? Ulun kada mangarti. Wikipidia ini ampun samunyaan urang. [[Pengguna:Ezagren|'''<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="blue">Ezagren</font>''']] [[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Ezagren|<sup>''<font face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="indigo"><big>'''bapandir'''</big></font>''</sup>]] 13:43, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
:::Before requesting to own a Wikipedia (Oooops ! "''sysop access''"...), [ you have to learn some magic words], you and your clever friend [ Erik Anggara]. --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 16:51, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]).
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