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:::::I'm very proud to have taught you [ how to use some magic words] : I think in a few years, you'll be able to ask for owning your own Private Wikipedia, your so-called "''sysop access''". --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 19:06, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]). (Do you ask others before adding your "bjn" in Main Pages ?... No, of course ; but you don't like to have small languages in your own Private Property. For others to, Banjar language is a small language, but your racialist rules have not spread everywhere.) (You are right : removing "includeonly" pair in a template is not a "''stupid edit''" ; I give to you and your friend Anggara a Star.)
:: Instead I do not know, but "include" it only just missed from editing. Sometime I'll make [[Wikipidia:BintangWiki]]. Me and my friends have tried to make this Banjar Wikipedia, so it is okay if I volunteered to be sysop for Banjar Wikipedia become better and organized. I volunteered as a sysop is also on the advice of fellow users in Wikipedia. --[[Pengguna:Ezagren|'''<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="blue">Ezagren</font>''']] [[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Ezagren|<sup>''<font face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="indigo"><big>'''bapandir'''</big></font>''</sup>]] 20:19, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
:::Banjar.Wp had to be well organized and written in Banjar -- not in Indonesian -- in Incubator, not here. What was not done in Incubator will be done here, with and by the same ''Dream Team'' ?... --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 21:38, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]). (You revert first, and don't think after reverting, missing some magic words meanwhile ; that's why you want "''sysop access''".)
==== Hakun ====
#{{hakun}} --[[User:J Subhi|J Subhi]] <sup>”[[User_Talk:J Subhi|pamandiran]]”</sup> 05:13, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
#{{hakun}} --[[User:Alamnirvana|Alamnirvana]]<sup>[[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Alamnirvana|Alamnirvanapamandiran]]</sup> 17:15, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
#{{hakun}} --[[Pengguna:Mimihitam|Mimihitam]] 18:11, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
#{{hakun}} --[[Pengguna:Kenrick95|Kenrick95]] 18:19, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)