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:::::If you have any remarks according the bot please use our [ bug tracker]. Since I am member of the development group and mw coder I am interested fixing errors if there are some. But unqualified statements are not very helpful in this matter. (eod) [[Pengguna:Xqt|Xqt]] 22:10, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
:::::: Xqt, We must be patient to face this user. [[Pengguna:Ezagren|'''<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="blue">Ezagren</font>''']] [[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Ezagren|<sup>''<font face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="indigo"><big>'''bapandir'''</big></font>''</sup>]] 22:22, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
:::::::The end of your message was deleted... : "''...until I have sysop access to block Him !''"... --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 04:59, 2 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]).
::::::« ''Actually it's not our responsibility, it's that of the bot runner to make sure there are no bugs.'' »… Stop your so-called « ''cosmetic changes'' » everywhere, not only in this Happy Wikipedia, Simple ! --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 22:24, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]). (DJSasso has told you all I have to say about ''defaultsort'', categorizing template, etc.)
:::::::Actually ''cosmetic changes'' bot is well accepted at Indonesian Wikipedia. (I am also a cosmetic changes bot owner; nowadays that script is buggy so I stop it for a while) [[Pengguna:Kenrick95|Kenrick95]] 22:42, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
:::::::: The standard policy does only allow interwiki and redirect bots. Cosmetic change bots are not automaticly allowed by the policy. [[Pengguna:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 01:35, 2 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
:::::::::Well, well, well... So, Welcome here to Xqtbot ! --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 04:59, 2 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]).
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