Kongeriket Norge
Kongeriket Noreg
Norgga gonagasriika
Flag of Norway.svg Coat of arms of Norway.svg
Lagu kabangsaan = Ja, vi elsker dette landet
Norway on the globe (Europe centered).svg
Monarch = Harald V
Prime Minister = Erna Solberg
Legislature = Stortinget
                         L Sámediggi
Bahasa rasmi Norsk (Bokmål / Nynorsk)
Bahasa Regional Lullisámegiella, Ubmisámegiella, Bihtánsámegiella, Julevsámegiella, Kvensk, Tavringer, Romani
Languages type Writing system
Languages Latin (Dano-Norwegian alphabet)
Demonym Norsk
Norwegian: Nordmann
Ideologi nasional -
Indung banua
(wan kuta tabasar)
Oslo (Coordinates)
Capital population 666 759
Government type Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Sovereignty type Independence
Unification 872
Constitution 17 May 1814
Dissolution of union with Sweden 7 June 1905
Restoration from German occupation 8 May 1945
Lumbah 385 207[1] km2 (67th)
Banyu (%) = 6%
Panduduk - Pakiraan 5 367 580[2] (2020) (120th)
Karacapan 13.9 / km2 (213th)
PDB (KKB) $377.1 billion[3] (46th)
PDB (KKB) par kapita $70,665[3] (4th)
GDP nominal $391.959 billion[3] (22nd)
GDP nominal per capita $73,450[3] (3rd)
Gini 23.5[4] (1st)
Gini change increase
IPM 0.949[5] (2015, 1st, increase)
Mata duit Norwegian krone (NOK)
Country code NO
Waktu banua
Waktu banua Summer
CET +1

CET +2
Date format
Drives on right
Kode talipun +47
CCTLD (Domain internet) .no[6]


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