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:: I don´t understand Banjar and Indonesian, but the board approved the leave from Incubator so the remark (Banjar Project was not ready to leave Incubator !) is not very nice to the stewards and the board of wikimedia projects. This a wikipedia based on indonesian and not on english so please if the the banjar word does not exist yet use the indonesian word. Please support the native speaking administrators. [[Pengguna:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 18:06, 3 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
: Dear Budeberger, Carsrac and Kmoksy, we need your kindly support in this Banjar Wikipedia. We have leave incubator even not all massages translate but it has been in specification for the first language Wikimedia project at (about 500 massages). At incubator we have lately know about test administator who might put local name to page so that not all pages localization even we have got the translation in translatewiki already. Also with limited English language we struggled out of the incubator. We think we might translate at all pages name, etc, at the time wikipedia approved which is now already. We could not make it fast, but we know if we work together all will be completely some time. Thanks.--[[User:J Subhi|J Subhi]] <sup>”[[User_Talk:J Subhi|pamandiran]]”</sup> 08:26, 5 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
::Dear J Subhi : [] and so on. Adieu. --[[Pengguna:Budelberger|Budelberger]] 23:50, 5 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) ([[Berkas:Flag of France.svg|15px]]).