Robot en cours de test
Ce robot en cours de test est destiné à faire des interwikis.
Robot currently under test
This robot currently under test will only be used to make interwiki links.
Owner: Carsrac
Please leave your comments on my talk page. Thank you.

CarsracBot is the bot of Carsrac. This bot account is intended to be used with pywikipedia's to resolve and add interwiki links. Please let my master know if I do anything you disagree with.

Bureaucracy => give botflag

  • User:CarsracBot was a global wikipedia interwiki bot, using PyWikipedia framework!
  • User:CarsracBot is operated from medium-sized Wikipedias (like fy, als, yo)
  • User:CarsracBot is flagged on several wikis

This page is maintained by the CarsracBot

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